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Samsung 25R 18650 Battery

High-drain Li-ion Battery 20A 2500mAh

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Note - Not available to Australian customers due to shipping restrictions.

Coming in at second place (behind the Sony VTC5A) on acclaimed battery reviewer Mooch’s list of best all-around 18650 batteries is the Samsung 25R.

This battery provides great capacity and sufficient power for the needs of most vapers, at an affordable price.

    • Fully charge before first use.
    • Do not use batteries if they are damaged in any way. This applies to the battery itself and the protective plastic wrapping around the battery. Check your batteries regularly. If you discover nicks or tears to the battery wrap, exposing the metal underneath do not use. Either replace the battery or purchase and apply a replacement battery wrap.
    • Store batteries correctly when not in use. Keep in a silicone battery sleeve or suitable non-conductive protective case. Do not carry loose in a pocket or purse.
    • Do not expose your batteries to extreme temperatures (hot or cold) or water.
    • Check your battery’s amps if using a sub-ohm coil. Ensure the battery’s amp rating can handle the power supply required. The CDR (continuous discharge rate) is the safe operating limit of the battery. Do not exceed the continuous discharge rating.
    • Don’t charge batteries overnight or while unattended.
    • Do not short circuit. Keep away from metal objects which may result in accidental contact.
    • If using a device which requires more than one battery cell only use cells which are ‘married’. Same make, model, age, use. Do not mix and match.
    • This is not a complete list of battery safety tips. Use of this battery is at your own risk. Please take the time to educate yourself.
    • Model: 25R
    • Manufacturer: Samsung SDI
    • Size: 18650
    • Max continuous discharge current: 20A
    • Nominal capacity: 2600mAh
    • Nominal voltage: 3.6V
    • Discharge end voltage: 2.5V
    • Charging voltage: 4.20 +/- 0.05 V
    • Standard charging current: 1A
    • Weight: 45g
    • Diameter: 18.35mm
    • Length: 64.85mm
    • Positive terminal: Flat top

Customer Reviews

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Great battery

Works well, needed two for my vape. Great that you can use these replaceable batteries as my last vapes battery died and the whole unit was unfixable after that.