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E-liquid Steeping Guide

To vapers and e-juice makers, steeping describes the method of aging e-liquid to change its flavour.

Steeping is the process of mixing and oxidising (combining with oxygen) raw e-liquid ingredients. Steeping ages the vape liquid to enhance its flavour.

There are four primary ingredients in e-juice: vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), artificial flavourings, and usually nicotine.

Through the process of steeping, the flavour molecules in e-juice combine to form complex aromas and also saturate the PG and VG, which in turn changes the flavour.

As the nicotine oxidises, it darkens the colour of the e-liquid. A vape juice may start off as a clear fluid, transforming into a yellow, amber, orange, or brown colour over time.

Why steep e-juice?

For the most part, steeping brings out the flavours in e-juice. The majority of e-liquid flavours benefit from the steeping process, however some do not.

For example, custards and creams take time to develop and improve with age. Whereas strawberry flavours tend to fade quickly and taste better sooner after mixing.

Should I steep my Pop Shots e-liquid?

This is entirely up to you. Everyone has a different flavour palate. You may love your fruit flavours, while your mate does not.

The same goes with steeping. You might enjoy your Pop Shots e-juice straight out of the box. Or you might find it far tastier after steeping.

We suggest testing some of your Pop Shots e-liquid when you get it.

E-juice may benefit from steeping if you experience any of the following:

  • The sweetness overpowers other flavours.
  • It tastes harsh.
  • It doesn’t taste like the flavour, e.g. you can’t taste the custard in a custard and peach flavour.
  • The flavour is generally weak.

How long should I steep e-liquid for?

For Pop Shots’ e-liquid, you may want to steep it for one to two weeks.
Now, we say one to two weeks because some flavours take longer to develop then others.

With over 50 flavours and 1800 variants (VG/PG ratios, nicotine levels) available at Pop Shots, we cannot give you a definitive steep time. Plus everyone has a different palate, so what might taste scrumptious to you after a week of steeping might taste better to your friend after two.

Here are some general steep times based on flavour type:

  • Fruit flavours – Usually good straight away. But better after a few days to a week.
  • Tobacco flavours – One week. But the longer the better as these are very complex profiles.
  • Desert flavours (with cream, custard, or butter notes) – Two weeks, or longer if you can handle it!

How to steep Pop Shots’ e-liquid

There are many ways to steep e-juice. Most of them involve shaking, sitting, and breathing the liquid.

But to steep an e-liquid from Pop Shots, all you need to do is store it in a cool, dark place, out of reach of children and pets. Let it sit for one to two weeks, then shake well before use. And enjoy!