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About Us

You might say it was passion. Or perhaps a love of crafting e-liquid flavours. But it was the power that vaping has to transform the lives of smokers, which we experienced first-hand, that sparked the beginning of Pop Shots.

Helping you on your vaping journey is not a responsibility we take lightly. By any means. We know how hard it is. New terminology. Finding the right device. Getting the right e-liquid blend.

Pop Shots is a New Zealand based business. With one simple goal. Provide the perfect vape, for every vaper. To make it happen, we developed a foundation of 50 diverse and amazing e-liquid flavours (with loads more in development). Each comes in six nicotine strengths, four sizes, and three PG/VG ratios.

While developing e-juices that hold their own against the world’s best is tough. It’s a heck of a lot easier when you have a team like ours. The minds behind Pop Shots include a Chef, a Chemistry Professor, and a certified Supertaster (yep, that’s a thing). Every Pop Shots brew is a result of a detailed understanding behind flavour and science. Supported by over 30 years combined vaping experience.

And in every bottle, the best ingredients. Food grade flavourings. Pharmaceutical (USP) grade nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. To source top-quality ingredients, we work with trusted suppliers from across the globe.

No matter whether you are a newbie or a vaping ninja. A cloud chaser or flavour chaser. Looking for high nic, low nic, or no nic. Or someone who just wants to switch to vaping. We’ve got your back. With over 3,500 e-liquid options, we have the perfect vape waiting for you.

Pop Shots ® is a registered New Zealand Trademark.